Well, hello there~ thanks for stopping by.

I hope you read through my site and discover 3 things:

#1) what coaching is  #2) who I am as a coach and #3) hope

As we begin, I want to ask you a few questions. I’m curious.


Do you feel a pull, a rumbling in your gut that says I’m ready for something…..new….fresh….exciting…different?

Do you want to change the direction of your life?

Are you ready for a career change, but don’t know how?

Does your life feel out-of-balance and you don’t know why?

Are you dealing with a divorce or the relocation of your family?

Life Coaching can help you  answer many important questions such as:

  • What do I want?
  • What is stopping me?
  • What matters most?
  • What is my story and who would I be without it?
  • What is my legacy?


“It is your decision to change that creates the possibility of change within you” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


If you…

  • Sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed by all you have to do
  • Wish you could have someone listen to your concerns without any strings attached
  • Feel like life is passing you by and you have so much more to do, feel, and accomplish
  • Long to discover what your personal calling is
  • Feel like you are on autopilot, running here and there, just checking items off your list as you go
  • Reach the end of the day and realize “me time” is a distant memory


And you want to…

  • Gain clarity about your life
  • Find your spark, feel valued and be of value
  • Discover what your next act is meant to be
  • Redesign your life now that you are single, married, relocating, widowed, or divorced
  • Learn to let go and be happy in spite of having a mentally ill or addicted loved one in your life
  • Finally make the changes that you have been hesitating to do

Then life coaching may be for you!

I will get you excited about your life again!

I offer a no-obligation 2 hour discovery coaching session. The only way for you to know if coaching is in fact, for you, is to experience it. Give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Here are some of my specialties: