What is Career Coaching?

Career Clarification coaching is a proven coaching program for anyone wanting to explore different career options.

“I not only feel confident that I made the correct career decision, but I feel empowered for future decisions. Denuelle has a true gift.” ~ Andrea


What to Expect:

A focused efficient process to help you discover your career. Discover Your Life Purpose and Find Work You Love © is a proven process developed by Fern Gorin and the life Purpose Institute. The process consists of seven parts: Self Exploration, Blocks, Options, Research or Testing Out, Strategic Planning, Follow-Through for Results, and Mastering Skills. The coach will utilize this process by using active listening, powerful questioning, and proven exercises for results. You can expect the process to last 6-8 weeks for weekly one hour sessions.

From our work together you will:

  • Determine your core strengths and find new and exciting ways to use them in your ideal career
  • Unearth your WHO, who you are at the core, your essence and what you  have to offer regarding your ideal career
  • Discover your unique WHY and how you can use that to leverage the most from your life’s calling
  • Learn the difference between a job, a career, and a calling
  • Understand the difference between credentials and your unique skills that you bring to your career and/or company
  • Engage in specific career testing designed to give you career titles and ideas
  • Begin to operate from your unique Truth everyday in your life as well as your new career or your current one


Find out more about my process: