Caution: Holiday Expectations Ahead

December 19, 2014 by Denuelle Meyer - 2 Comments

Caution: Holiday Expectations Ahead

I see blink…blink…blink. The sign goes on and then off Caution: Holiday Expectations Aheadand it reads: CAUTION: HOLIDAYS ARE HERE, RETHINK EXPECTATIONS NOW or TURN AROUND!!!! Ready or not, THEY’RE HERE!! Now for you, they, may mean seeing your disconnected family, your in-laws, or maybe it means the end-of-the year calendar and the reminder of what you didn’t accomplish, or the scale, or the bills. 

Everyone’s They is Different

We all have different they’s we are thinking about, but the one thing we do have in common is our expectations. And there is nothing that can bite you faster than you can say Merry Christmas, then expectations that set you up for exhaustion, disappointment, and the feeling that you just want to jump under the covers with a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and stay there until spring.

Any of These Holiday Expectations Ring A Bell?

  • Getting the perfect present
  • Perfectly wrapped presents
  • Others appreciating #1 and #2 above
  • Feeling well rested
  • Kids that are well behaved
  • Everyone and everything falling into place just like you imagined
  • House decorated accordingly
  • 17 dozen cookies of assorted varieties all boxed up and ready to hand out
  • Roots done, hair cut, no sign of tiredness on face 
  • Uncle Sid, brother Kyle or Aunt Judy being politically correct, sober, and/or kind
  • Oh and don’t forget to work out so all those cookies don’t take a toll
  • Travel on plane, car, and foot. Repeat.
  •  AND drum roll please………Do all of the above, while still doing what you always do!!!

Do Your Holiday Expectations Need a Reality Check?

Ok, so if anything I have said, makes you giggle, sigh, or want to throw-up, take heart; expectations are meant to be adjusted. Because expectations are what we expect or think will happen,  they are therefore, by definition, something that hasn’t happened yet. And the good news is, we can adjust them if need be. 

Tips On Taming Your Holiday Expectations

  1. Be kind to yourself. That’s it. You are amazing. And you deserve joy this holiday season too. Remember what is important to you, why you are doing all that you are, and give yourself a break, because YOU are pretty damn cool!
  2. Let go. Let go of everything and anything that you can at this point. Does it really matter if you buy some cookies this year?
  3. Let go of wishing and wanting things to (have been) different with your family, your body, your bank account, your fill-in-the-blank. The moment is now. Embrace it. Be present. 
  4. When in doubt, refer back to #1!!!! 


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