If You Have Ever Wondered What I Do

August 22, 2012 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

 I recently ran into someone who said “Oh you are Denuelle the life coach! Yes, that is me. We chatted, we exchanged niceties and soon were into the layer where her eyes were welling up with tears and she was telling me she was so sick and tired of it all. She was unhappy at work and stressed with her family. She was sluggish, sad and at times depressed because she felt like something was missing~ from her life. “Its so ridiculous” she said. Basically, starting to dismiss everything she just said to me, suggesting such is life. I quickly said, no, no, no. Your life is meant to be quite cool my friend, you deserve to wake up feeling fulfilled and happy! You can have a life that feels good, that makes you want to wake up each day excited with what lies ahead. It’s not supposed to be drudgery all the time. I can help you.

“That’s what you do?” She asked. YES, yes, yes! That is what I do. And yes I make a living from it. I help women start to feel fulfilled again, find direction again, fix things, move things: their marriage, their relationships, themselves,  forward. Be happy. Yes that is what I do. I do it in lots of different ways, we dig deep, we feel what needs to be felt and I tool you up to redefine the life that is meant for you to have. YES, that is what I do. You have a broken leg you go to the doctor. You have a leaking roof, you call the roof guy. You need your hair cut, you go to your hair stylist. You need financial guidance, you go to your financial planner. And if you are unfulfilled, lacking direction or clarity in your life,  feeling like something is missing and you are sad, you come to me, the life coach. That’s what I do, with pleasure and with joy everyday.