Live To Sell Out Your Funeral

February 19, 2014 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

A client of mine was recently called home to another state, to attend her uncles funeral. And even though it was at an inconvenient time (more on that in a minute) and that in order to go, she had to juggle dates, push papers around, rearrange her life for the next few days, she went. She knew she had to. She said she wanted to reconnect with loved ones she hadn’t seen in years. Be with her parents. Feel the love that would surround her as they celebrated and reminisced about her uncles life. 

And because death and funerals never come at a convenient time, some people suggested to her not to bother trying to “squeeze it in”. And that’s the part I laugh about. Literally out loud, because I have heard others say things similar to that when a death occurs. What?.. you would have to miss work to attend the funeral and your not sure if you can? What?… you would have to miss your daughters soccer game to attend the wake, and you hate to do that? What?… this is such  a busy week already? Yep, I’ve heard them all and so have you. Maybe you have even said them. 

This is the thing; I think we can do something to make sure no one ever hesitates to come to our funeral. And that is: Make your mark, light people up when you see them, leave them better than you found them, be an inspiration by living from your contagious truth each and every day. Live to sell out your funeral. What a shame it would be,  if someone cant make it to your final goodbye because they had something more important to do.