Mom I was wondering….

October 8, 2010 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

“Uh, mom, I was wondering….Can I get my ears pierced?” asked my 10 year old daughter last night. I actually made a little gasping sound, and my husband looked at me with the sweetest look ever because he knew. He knew this was a moment I had waited for, a moment I looked forward to. Tears formed in my eyes, as I said “Yes, of course you can get your years pierced.” I suspect yesterday was the beginning of a turning point in my daughters life. This was also the day she went for the first time with just her friends  rollerskating (There was other adult supervision though, just not mom). And this was the day she was turning a page into the next phase of her life. Of course she didn’t see it this way, and I am sure it would warrant an eye roll, if I said that to her, but this was a day I had secretly looked forward to.

There was something different about this moment with my daughter as opposed to turning points my son’s have made. Maybe it’s because in that one moment, I  could remember vividly feeling so grown up when my ears were pierced. Or maybe it was because I wanted to freeze time and let her enjoy the pure happiness I knew she was feeling.  The moment when you are still  a little girl, but beginning to blossom into a young lady and all is well. Maybe its because seeing her face light up reminded me of me at 10 years old and how amazing life really was for me then. Whatever the reason, this weekend, together, we will hit the mall and have her ears pierced and I will look on with pride knowing that this is just one of  many pages yet to be turned in my young daughter’s life.