Why can’t I just do this myself?

A rare few can.

Some women end up doing it when catastrophe strikes. They need that kind of shock to blast them out of their little foxhole. But most that face catastrophe end up seeking help if they are ever to rebuild their life. Few people recover from catastrophe alone. The point is that catastrophe can change a person, but you don’t want catastrophe in your life. You’d like to do something a little safer and more planned, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Most women need a true support network. And a true support network is a lot rarer than you might think. You might not have one even though you think you do. If you’ve been like this for a while, chances are you have a support network of acquaintances that are more interested in what’s on the shopping channel than they are in your problems, or you may have a few ‘toxic’ friends that look to rain on your parade. And what about the naysayers that tell you that you just can’t, that you should’nt rock the boat, even though you are just screaming inside.

What you need is a true support network that will support you, validate what you are feeling, and assure you that you are not crazy for listening to your inner voice …

Is there more to life than this?

Of course there is! You can have a whole lifetime ahead of you, if you choose to live it! But it takes courage, and resolve. Courage to face the things that have gotten you stuck. Resolve to conquer them.

So Where Do You Start To Change Your Life For Better?

You start by making a resolution to take action. Say this to yourself, out loud, right now…

I resolve to start doing things to make my life better!
I will overcome any difficulties.
I will show myself, and the world, that I am somebody.
I will leave my mark on the world, and it will be a good one.


What’s the next step?

The follow through. It is time to get things off of your wish list and onto your to-do list. Your wish list is just that – a wish. A to-do list with items checked off is empowering. And you can already check off the first thing on that list – to get resolve.

If you haven’t actually said the resolution out loud, go back and do it. It may seem silly and unimportant, but it is vital that you hear yourself say it. Go back and do it now. Then you can check it off your list.

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