1. You contact me through my website. Use the contact form in the right sidebar or go to my contact page.
  2. I will contact you back within *48* hours so we can schedule our first “meet and greet” session. This first session will let me understand more about you and your situation and see if we will be a good fit. We will also discuss in detail my coaching process and how it will help you. Lastly, we will discuss pricing and answer any other questions you may have. Basically, we get to know one another and see if we “fit” together, if yes then away we go to step 3.
  3. Once you become a client, our sessions will happen once a week for 60 minutes on the telephone. We will jump right in and you should be prepared to see immediate change. Coming to each session, I bring my toolbox full of resources to use; “homework” for you to do in between sessions, suggestions for you to explore and do, my cumulative knowledge having worked with hundreds of clients, I will bring suggestions, and examples from both my personal and my professional life. I will give you powerful exercises for you to complete to as well. As your coach, I will leave no stone unturned to help you achieve the change you wish to see.


In addition, because I know that so much happens in between our sessions together, I welcome additional calls and unlimited emails between sessions. If you need assistance, need additional support or want to share a win with me, I want you to reach out.  I enjoy providing this extra level of service and just ask that we keep extra calls to 5-10 minutes. I am your coach and not just during our scheduled 60 minutes once a week. We are a team and I am here whenever you need me.

Most clients can expect to work with me for a minimal three months. This time frame has been proven to be effective in recognizing what needs to change and then have time to change it with the support and clarity that the coaching relationship offers.

Confidentiality: All communications between us are strictly confidential. I realize you have future plans, personal information, business ideas, careers and a life you care about. All we share stays between us.

Here are some of my specialties: