I’ll work with you to help you increase your effectiveness in both your personal and professional life. I can save you both time and money by taking years off the learning curve of life. I’ll enable you to break patterns of living that are no longer serving you well and help you envision a new, more empowering future for yourself, one in which you are in the drivers seat and in control of your; choices, time, experiences, career, your life!

“Denuelle’s coaching has empowered and encouraged me to be fearless as I prepare to write the next chapter of my life”  ~ Fay

I’ll bring you to a place that is designed and reserved specifically for you, which allows you to become centered, confident, and empowered. The person you’ve always wanted to be. By using specific tools and asking powerful questions, we’ll break your normal routine and take action to move you forward in your life and/or career. You are encouraged and supported to dig deep and figure out exactly what you want from you life and/or career each and every session.

Who benefits from coaching?

  • Empty Nesters
  • Women in transition
  • Career changers
  • Women who have unbalanced home/work life
  • Women who need a new life path


Why does Coaching work so well?

  1. I’ll ask questions that others in your life most likely would not ask, in order to help prompt a new perspective. A client of mine once said “you are like a substitute best friend, that holds nothing back”
  2. When 2 minds are blended toward a single purpose often fresh ideas and a fresh viewpoint appears
  3. I’ll be there for you and you alone, with no pre-conceived ideas of you or your past and no personal agenda other than helping you reach yours.
  4. Coaching works because once you have dug deep with what you truly want to happen; new career, whole life balance, more fulfillment in life, etc; we’ll make an action plan with built in steps and accountability, to ensure that your vision becomes a reality and not just something you continue to dream about.


What if I don’t have the time?

You’re in luck, my coaching takes place over the phone or Skype.  Also in between sessions, our ongoing conversation is done through email and read/answered at your convenience.

Here are some of my specialties: