Remembering your WHY

May 23, 2012 by Denuelle Meyer - 2 Comments

      Ever wonder how you can loose sight of a goal even though you swore this was the year you would lose those 20 pounds? Run A half marathon? Shit or get off the pot regarding…………..?

Well, you my friend, have probably lost sight of your WHY. The mighty, absolutely necessary to success, WHY.

This is the deal, it is easy to stay motivated when our reasons are fresh and our minds are open and ready for whatever goal we have.

The hard part however, occurs when our lives get busy, spring time rolls around and we literally have forgotten our WHY. And forgetting our WHY is like making a PBJ, but forgetting the J, or taking a shower and forgetting the soap. Make sense? You need your WHY at all times.

I recently forgot my WHY. Right smack dab in the middle of starting to pack up our home to get it ready to sell. And I was feeling a bit crazed and nostalgic at the same time (NOW that’s a fun combination, let me tell you). Well anyways, I started second-guessing (second-guessing, by the way, is the red flag that you’ve lost your WHY) why we were actually moving & building a new home altogether. HELLO! Big WHY alert. I had to quickly real myself back in and remember my WHY. More room, been designing, blah blah blah.

So ladies, if you find yourself  overwhelmed, second guessing, or you have lost your mojo altogether,  this is what you need to do :  STOP.  HIT THE BREAK and remember the WHY for your goal. Maybe your WHY is to be able to look in the mirror and see a smaller butt, to feel the creative surge of energy you experience when pen hits paper, to look at your monthly bank statement and see a nice nest egg.  Whatever your WHY is, it’s time to get it out and polish it up.  It’s beautiful, it’s empowering and it even works when your kids, significant other, or dog are driving you nuts. Just grab a glass of vino and remember WHY you had them, fell in love with him, or wanted them in the first place.

 Yes, if you’ve ever lost your WHY, you are not alone, and the good news is, you do not need to go very far to find it.

Today’s Thought: Any WHY’s you need to remember?