If You’ve Used My Services or Read My Book, Would You Be Kind Enough To Leave A Review?

The Importance Of Reviews:

I hope you feel you’ve gotten exceptional service from me. If so, would you be so kind as to write a review?

Search engines note the number of reviews and review ratings, and recommend web sites in local search based upon the reviews. More Importantly, other women will consult reviews and base their coaching decision on what others have written.

It is sometimes hard to think of what to write in a review. Most important, write about what you liked, and what was important for you. Below are some things you might want to write about

Things To Consider When Writing Your Reviews:

  • How did you first find out about Deneulle Meyer?
  • Did you like the service provided? Why?
  • What did you change with my help?
  • Where you satisfied with the changes to your life?
  • What were your expectations? Did I meet your expectations?
  • Was the service provided in a professional manner?
  • What did you like about Denuelle Meyer?
  • Would you recommend Denuelle Meyer to others?


Easy Links Where You Can Review My Life Coaching Services:

I’ve listed several places below where you can submit your reviews. I’ve also some question which you can consider when composing your review. Some of these links will require an account to post a review

– Denuelle Meyer on Google+ Local
– Denuelle Meyer on SuperPages
– Denuelle Meyer on YellowPages.com
– Denuelle Meyer on CitySearch
– Denuelle Meyer on Yahoo

I Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to submit reviews on my behalf. I appreciate the time it takes. But most of all, thank you for coming to me to help you change.