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Letting Go For Peace

Have you ever been so passionate, so hell-bent for something that all you did is work, work, work at it? And have you been so passionate in fact, that you were oblivious to the fact that it just wasn't working?  So you toil on. You refuse to give up and the spinning begins.I know I can.  When ...
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Mindful Monday Quote

 Even the smallest step can lead to shaking things up in a big, positive way.  Doing something different sends a signal to our brain saying I did that, so I suppose I can do more.  Here's to a terrific week!************************************************************************************* ...
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15 Wise Words to Live By

wise words to live byI am thrilled to be invited back to St. Pius X Church to speak on Wise Words to Live By and I hope you'll join me!Words... give us hope and purposeWords...chosen well  motivate us to changeWords...empower us to try harder and be betterWords...give us strength to be imperfectly ...
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Life Coaching, What is it Really?

Whether you've heard of life coaching for years or just stumbled upon it recently, there is a good chance that you still may wonder. "Hmmm... that life coaching thing, what is it really? I don't think its therapy, but what exactly is it?"Read on to learn:The formal definitions of both Life Coaching ...
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Find Meaning in Life – Become Un-Lost!

I am excited to write todays post about getting Un-Lost. To me, it's pure life coaching, at its best. Hmm, that makes me think that its time for a What is Life Coaching post. I'll get on that for next week. Anyway, I think before we dive into becoming un-lost it makes sense to first conside ...
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And if you are completely honest, my guess is, like me, you catch yourself taking your significant other, your warm home, your health, your family, your career that pays the bills, all for granted, some of the time. Life can get complicated when managing relationships and households and the to-do li ...
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Optimism Expands Your Field of Vision

Looking at the flip side of things or as optimists would say, the positives in life, is an actual habit that can be learned. For some it sounds too good to be true. For others,  it is their truth. I have witnessed over and over the power an optimistic outlook can have on ones life and I have to say ...
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What Creates the Foundation for Life

 I have always believed in the power of positive thinking, the weight that our thoughts actually have in our lives.  Through my career of helping women discover their "why" of being, I have learned that the way you choose to dedicate yourself to the way you think creates the foundation for this di ...
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Connecting is as natural to me as breathing. I love it. Some would say, I thrive on it. And guess what? I am not unique. Most of you do, too. We were meant to connect, us human beings. Meant to be together in social packs. We derive great satisfaction and feelings of being valued, merely, by being ...
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I recently read a blog post from Scott Ginsberg where he said; If commitment isn't the answer, rephrase the question. Stopped me dead-in-my-tracks!Everything we do or aspire to do, comes down to the art of commitment. Learn to commit and re-commit on a regular basis, and you have the key to anything ...
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