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Wanting Yes and Getting No

All this week I'm going to talk about self love and how you can love yourself like you are God's (or your version of Higher Power) gift to the universe, because you are! 💙🙏 I want to start with the skill of forgiveness. Yes, it is something you can practice, polish, and learn. It is a skill of ...
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 There are specific questions you can ask yourself to temporarily shift reality away from fearful thoughts, so to end my week long series on freedom from fear, the last step is ASK. Remember, a preschooler asks 100 questions a day!Here are 6 powerful questions to help you change your mental lan ...
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The biggest barrier to change, growth, and innovation, is fear of failure.In preschool, kids ask about 100 questions a day and by middle school asking questions almost ceases completely. Why? For one reason, usually kids are rewarded for having the answer, not for asking a good question. So graduall ...
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Are you sabotaging your own success?You get your child to dance class 3x a week and the dog to his annual check up, but you'll skip going to the gym because you ran out of time.What would it look like if you kept your promises to yourself? How would it feel to complete the unpacking and decorating o ...
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 The enemy of progress, of getting better, of becoming the best version of you, is perfection. Waiting for more knowledge. Waiting for more time. Waiting for more money.Dont worry about gaining more information or your schedule to miraculously open up, instead focus on being better. Focus on mo ...
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365 Days to Happiness ~Joy in the Art of Doing

 365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness~Day 11If there is joy & satisfaction to be found, I know it is in the art of doing. My ancestors didn't overthink if they were satisfied with the actual work they were doing. Rather, they found satisfaction in the actual com ...
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365 Days ~What is Bravery?

365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness~ day 10~ What is Bravery?Bravery is asking for help when you need it. It's acknowledging that you feel stuck, or intimidated , or frustrated.It's saying, I'm human.It's less ego and more heart.It's vulnerability.In a nutshell, asking ...
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365 Days ~Your gift to the world

365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness ~day 9~ Your gift to the worldYou are unique. You have gifts that make you ....you. You have a gift to give to the world. However, so often, those gifts get lost in the demands of everyday living. And when this happens, when you don't ...
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365 Days to Happiness ~Day 7

365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness ~day 7For optimal health, it's important that we are informed by the news, but not inundated by it. If you do not somehow put boundaries around how much, when and where you hear/watch the news, you run the risk of your body being in a ...
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365 Days to Happiness ~Day 6

365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness ~day 6Exercise is....Boring, hard, impossible to find the time for, exhilarating, fun??? Whether you answered or found yourself dreaming of a root canal as soon as you saw Exerc...the bottom line is: it's necessary for optimal health. ...
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