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The Process of Forgiveness

 The process of forgiveness varies from person to person. However, many go through the steps that follow. It can be helpful to see each one, let us know we aren't alone with how we feel; that others have and do feel similiar things and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope ...
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Wanting Yes and Getting No

All this week I'm going to talk about self love and how you can love yourself like you are God's (or your version of Higher Power) gift to the universe, because you are! 💙🙏 I want to start with the skill of forgiveness. Yes, it is something you can practice, polish, and learn. It is a skill of ...
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 The enemy of progress, of getting better, of becoming the best version of you, is perfection. Waiting for more knowledge. Waiting for more time. Waiting for more money.Dont worry about gaining more information or your schedule to miraculously open up, instead focus on being better. Focus on mo ...
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Letting Go For Peace

Have you ever been so passionate, so hell-bent for something that all you did is work, work, work at it? And have you been so passionate in fact, that you were oblivious to the fact that it just wasn't working?  So you toil on. You refuse to give up and the spinning begins.I know I can.  When ...
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Dear 2014, Thank You & Good Bye

 Dear 2014,I want to begin this letter by saying that although I only knew you a mere 365 days,I will always hold you close in my heart. We are forever bonded by the joy, pain, and experiences we shared in our year together. I am a better woman because of you.Looking back on our time together, ...
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How Broken Christmas Bulbs are Like Life

Throughout the last week or so, I have been decorating my house for Christmas. Or shall I say trying to. Being a new space for me, I jumped right in with excitement, anticipation, and expectations about how  I was going to transform my new  space into a winter wonderland. But somehow it didn't go ...
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With my Project 123 group starting soon (see below for more info), I am so grateful to Carrie for writing to me with a great testimonial. She had attended one of my recent online groups; thanks so much to her for these words! "Last year I attended one of Denuelle’s online groups and it w ...
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Huge grins for me today! Ame Beanland, New York Times best-selling author of It’s a Chick Thing,  and Postcards from the Bump has written to me with a wonderful endorsement of my book. I am such a fan of her books! What a thrill. She wrote, “Plug in Your Kick Ass Life is an abs ...
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Live Today Like You Have Nothing To Prove

Live today like you have nothing to prove and everything to imagine. Because in that state of just being "as is", as if you really do not have to be something to someone, be better than yesterday, or prove your worth somehow; you really do let go and connect to the beautiful momentum of you and all ...
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Who's Right Next Door To You?

Have you ever shot yourself in the foot? Did one of those "Duh, I should've had a V-8" kinda things? I just did. Several weeks ago I started picking out the walls colors for our new house. Thought I had it going on pretty well, coastal living. Easy-peazy...been planning for this forever, not a big d ...
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