Positive Self Talk Proven With Ice Crystals

We've seen a lot of them this year; ice crystals.  But what may surprise you is those tiny water formations have proven that positive words uplift us, while negative ones can tear us down. That's right, we've all known that positive self talk can lead to a better day, heck, a better life and now it ...
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Your Expectations May be Ruining your Life

Enjoy this guest post from a wonderful new friend of mine, Laurie Seymour. Laurie knows the deepest answers in life are revealed when you are quiet enough to connect with your inner resources. Be sure to check out her website The Baca Journey.One definition of the word expectation is: “a m ...
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15 Wise Words to Live By

wise words to live byI am thrilled to be invited back to St. Pius X Church to speak on Wise Words to Live By and I hope you'll join me!Words... give us hope and purposeWords...chosen well  motivate us to changeWords...empower us to try harder and be betterWords...give us strength to be imperfectly ...
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Change: Can I Change? Is it Time to Change?

 We have all been there. We have all played victim. Its tough to admit, most of the time, because you really are tired, or divorced, or underpaid and overworked. And there really are days were you feel like you are going crazy with the hectic schedule, loneliness, tiredness, or lack of clear life ...
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Life Coaching, What is it Really?

Whether you've heard of life coaching for years or just stumbled upon it recently, there is a good chance that you still may wonder. "Hmmm... that life coaching thing, what is it really? I don't think its therapy, but what exactly is it?"Read on to learn:The formal definitions of both Life Coaching ...
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Find Meaning in Life – Become Un-Lost!

I am excited to write todays post about getting Un-Lost. To me, it's pure life coaching, at its best. Hmm, that makes me think that its time for a What is Life Coaching post. I'll get on that for next week. Anyway, I think before we dive into becoming un-lost it makes sense to first conside ...
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Wholehearted Love In 2015

And I am starting with this: Gratitude. I am here. Still. Pretty good stuff.  That is enough.Let me explain. In the past I set out, and offered, and explained, and participated in New Year Goals, New Year Resolutions and all the rest. Some were met, others seemed to be soon forgotten under my othe ...
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Dear 2014, Thank You & Good Bye

 Dear 2014,I want to begin this letter by saying that although I only knew you a mere 365 days,I will always hold you close in my heart. We are forever bonded by the joy, pain, and experiences we shared in our year together. I am a better woman because of you.Looking back on our time together, ...
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Caution: Holiday Expectations Ahead

I see blink...blink...blink. The sign goes on and then off and it reads: CAUTION: HOLIDAYS ARE HERE, RETHINK EXPECTATIONS NOW or TURN AROUND!!!! Ready or not, THEY'RE HERE!! Now for you, they, may mean seeing your disconnected family, your in-laws, or maybe it means the end-of-the year calendar a ...
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Energy electrified the room during a recent talk I gave on forgiveness. Why talk about forgiveness now during the busiest time of the year? Why spend time on this topic when you are busy getting the gifts to give? Because one thing that women say they want more than stuff, more than material things, ...
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