What If……

June 7, 2012 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

                             Our lives are full of Whats…and a lot of the time we use those whats  to hold us back.  Back from exploring, taking a risk, and really becoming a better version of ourselves. We get fearful. So we use the what. 

  • What if I change careers and don’t like it?
  • What if I start to date again and can’t find Mr. Right?
  • What if I move to that new city and it’s too busy?
  • What if I go back to school and can’t handle the work load?
  • What if I put my neck, heart,  and soul on the line and I am rejected?

BUT, I wonder what would happen if you change careers and it is kick-ass amazing?

Or if you start to date again and find yourself, smack dab in the middle,  where you thought you would find Mr. Right?

Or if you move to a new city and the busyness brings your senses alive like never before?

Or what if you go back to school and because of the work load, ask for some help and others gladly give it?

Or what of you put your neck, heart, soul on the line and you become stronger, better, braver,  freer, and happier than you have ever been?

Hey I am just asking…