Have You Ever Asked What is the Lesson in This?

March 5, 2015 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

What is the Universe Trying to Teach Me?

Sometimes awful, lousy, or otherwise crummy things happen. Occasionally, we are just trucking along in life and wham out of no where, we are blindsided by something that just Stops. Us. In. Our. Tracks It could be an unexpected death, the realization that your marriage is in serious jeopardy or a business relationship that has went bad.

Often times, we are in pain, disbelief, even denial when it’s something deep, like death. And perhaps defensive, pissed off, or angry, when it’s less traumatic, but still painful, like the business arrangement ending badly. And in the wee hours of the unraveling, of us trying to wrap our brain around what just happened, it is normal to ask Why did this happen? What is God or the universe trying to teach me? Why, Why, Why? What is the lesson?

Our Heartache is Magnified By Two Things

I believe our heartache is only magnified when we ask these questions because of two things.

  1. We may never know the answer.
  2. You weren’t asking for a lesson.  


Yes, the reality is ,we may never really know why what happened, happened. The lousy part is we may never get an answer as to why that person died, or know definitively why our marriage collapsed. The hard part is we may never actually know Why this happened. 

Furthermore, as far as #2 above is concerned we  most likely were happy with the way life was going. It’s not like we were looking through a continuing ed catalog and saw a Cake Decorating Class and thought I’ve always wanted to learn how to decorate a cake, so I’ll take a class. NO, there is a very good chance, you weren’t asking to be taught about life, or heartache, or pain. You weren’t asking for a lesson.

How We Can Serve Ourselves Better

In order to take some of the blow out of the unexpected, we can serve ourselves better by (when we are ready…) asking ourselves instead What am I willing to learn?  How can I grow from this? Shifting our thoughts from “out there” to within,  immediately helps us regain a sense of control in an otherwise, uncontrollable, situation. Asking What am I willing to learn gives us power. It is empowering and it removes all ego from trying to get the answer or figure it out.

I encourage you to try this subtle shift if you haven’t already,  in your own life. I hope it helps you in a time when you are feeling most powerless and provides you with at least a smidgen of courage, to go forth, and face whatever it is, you must face.