How Do We Find Peace?

January 30, 2013 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

I was recently watching a show where Oprah was interviewing Marianne Williamson and they were discussing peace. Peace and love. Marianne was suggesting different ways to cultivate peace in your life, including praying for someone who has hurt you, deciding to be happy, etc~ all making way and room for inner peace.

Beautiful interview. Beautiful reminder. We find peace from connection. When we are connected, truly plugged in to our lives, to our truths of love and happiness, peace has to take up residency within us. It cant help it.  Being connected is the fertile ground in which peace finds its roots and grows. No matter how busy we are, how worked we are, how modern we try and become. This is a fundamental truth; connection to ourselves, hearing, and owning what our spirit, mind, and body needs, is truly the way to peace.