What the Parenting Books Don't Tell You: What doesn't mix

March 8, 2012 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

     Warning: Logical thinking and 3 am feedings do not mix. I repeat: they do not mix. I have learned this lesson the hard way over and over again (with all of my children). It’s 3 am, I am dog-a#!ed tired, feeding the baby, and I start to think things like: Two benadryl in my husbands morning coffee to explain to him what sleep deprivation  really feels like, is a good idea. Or tomorrow is a great time to pull apart and organize my kitchen cupboards, write a chapter in my book, have the van detailed and  get my hair colored. 

So tomorrow has arrived. I am still dog-a#!ed tired, the kids are on the bus, the baby is sleeping and I think I need to crawl back into bed. Yep, the kitchen cupboards can wait, the book will get written, the van will still be dirty tomorrow and heck, those roots, well, I’ll just wear a hat. Yep, sounds logical to me.