Wholehearted Love In 2015

January 8, 2015 by Denuelle Meyer - No Comments

Wholehearted Love in 2015 I Am Going To Feel Wholehearted Love In 2015

And I am starting with this: Gratitude. I am here. Still. Pretty good stuff.  That is enough.

 But, There is More

Let me explain. In the past I set out, and offered, and explained, and participated in New Year Goals, New Year Resolutions and all the rest. Some were met, others seemed to be soon forgotten under my other to do’s. But last year was different. My not-so-secret secret?; Having a New Year Word and making a New Year Promise. This really worked for me in 2014.  There was something very real about claiming the word connect and openly sharing my hope of leaving people better than I found them.  I wrote it down on my chalkboard in my office and it  quickly became my guiding manifesto for the year. 

How I Am Celebrating Still Being Here

Now, I want to take this conversation a little bit further, by explaining how I plan on celebrating all year. For those of you who may not know, I love the holidays! I love Christmas!! I love it all (besides the shopping,lol). I love the feeling of joy in the air, I love the holiday atmosphere of hope and love. I love connecting with others…those I know and see all the time and strangers on the street who say  Merry Christmas to me, because they too, are feeling the joy. Many of us, feel a bit like a child at Christmas; like anything is possible, we feel more love and acceptance. We basically just feel more during this time of year. Hence my inspiration for the New Year. I want to keep feeling more. 

Wholehearted Love In 2015

So this year, I am making the promise to practice wholehearted love. Now I am saying practice because I know that this will not always be easy. I am perfectly imperfect and know myself very well, hence why I chose this New Year Promise. And continuing on from last year, I am choosing empathy as my New Year Word. Why? Because I know that empathy fuels connection and I can not practice wholehearted love if I do not dare to keep connecting. 

Warning: There Is Risk Involved

One little disclaimer I want to make  is that I can be stubbornly strong willed at times …  I try everyday to do better and I have come  a long way, but  I do not always like to back down if I am particularly passionate about something. And if and when this happens, I  would rather retreat to the safety of pretending I didn’t openly call myself out to be a better version of myself. Its tough to be vulnerable. I get it.  BUT if you are willing to take on a  little risk yourself, I encourage you to jump on board and let me know your New Year thoughts. How are you hoping to grow this year?

So Here Is To The New Year

May it be filled with  wholehearted love and connection, moments of pure joy and heart pumping adrenaline. May we give and receive love. Have courage. Be vulnerable. Live in gratitude and lean into, as Brene Brown says, both the beauty and agony of our shared humanity. 


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