1. I ask questions that others in your life most likely would not ask, in order to help prompt a new perspective. A client of mine once said “you are like a substitute best friend, that holds nothing back”.
  2. When 2 minds are blended toward a single purpose often fresh ideas and a fresh viewpoint appear.
  3. I’ll be there for you and you alone, with no pre-conceived ideas of you or your past and no personal agenda other than helping you reach yours.
  4. Coaching works because once you have dug deep with what you truly want to happen; new career, whole life balance, more fulfillment in life, etc; we’ll make an action plan with built in steps and accountability, to ensure that your vision becomes a reality and not just something you continue to dream about.
  5. As your coach I am going to encourage you to immediately do something/anything different. Immediately you will be doing. If you feel stuck, I will help you do something right away. The underlying principle of becoming unstuck is change.
  6. Coaching pushes you beyond the stinkin thinkin. So you realize your life is stuck, and you start to get excited and thinking about changing and all of a sudden stinkin thinkin creeps in…Why? Because our brains do not like change. We are creatures of habit. And we get in ruts because things become habits and the minute we start to push out of that rut, our brain says “oh no you don’t, who do you think you are, missy sue?” (In coaching, I call that the little green gremlin)


So Coaching works…

Because I come in at that point and give you tools, powerful- bust through the road block- knock the Gremlin off your shoulder- tools. With a new sense of clarity and the built in accountability that is unique to coaching,  you will begin to take action. And it is that very action that  inspires something to shift. With the shift, new ideas emerge and new ideas lead to solving problems and opening up doors. Coaching empowers you to do something different. Coaching enables you to thrive in your  truth and live your best life.

Here are some of my specialties: