Working Toward a Goal? Have You Tried This?

No one wakes up and thinks “I think I’ll be sub-par today.” But sometimes we don’t make the strides in self improvement that we had hoped. The demands of everyday living take over. We have goals. We can see the vision, but we may not be reaching them at the pace we want. But, for our mental and emotional well being, it is important that we do not confuse making small improvements with  making no improvements at all.

Kaizen is the Japanese method of continual improvement through small, incremental and sometimes insignificant steps. The concept removes the all or nothing way of thinking and allows for our human-ness to just be. It is a method that opens us up to recognizing that even though we may want to be doing something faster, as long as we are moving, we are growing. Introducing the method of Kaizen into our lives is a way of being kind to ourselves. It is slow and forgiving. It is love in action.

How could the idea of Kaizen be helpful in your life?