IMG_20180107_101849_635365 days to happiness through physical health and mental wellness ~day 7

For optimal health, it’s important that we are informed by the news, but not inundated by it. If you do not somehow put boundaries around how much, when and where you hear/watch the news, you run the risk of your body being in a constant state of fight or flight. Being bombarded with sad, tragic and inhumane news, in turn, puts us on guard, “thinking” we are in danger, always on edge to take flight. This is dangerous to our adrenaline, blood pressure, heart and much more.

Lifetime Fitness centers @lifetime_fitness_gym recently banned news from being shown during workouts. Saying it’s supposed to be a culture of positivity. I say Yay for them! *What do you think?
*Do you control your exposure to the news already?

Let me know, I’m curious!

Do Well * Be Well