Become Un-LostFind Meaning in Life – Become Un-Lost!

I am excited to write todays post about getting Un-Lost. To me, it’s pure life coaching, at its best. Hmm, that makes me think that its time for a What is Life Coaching post. I’ll get on that for next week. Anyway, I think before we dive into becoming un-lost it makes sense to first consider how we even get lost in the first place. 

Here is a list, by no means exhaustive, of how we become lost.

  • Life. We. Get. Distracted. Period. We get so busy with the to-do’s and the everyday, mundane, I cant believe I have to make dinner, again stuff, that we become distracted from ourselves. By this I mean, we forget to stop long enough to check in with ourselves once in a while and ask Is this working for me? My soul? 
  • We start out way too fast, pass all the caution signs, stop signs, and speed limits and run face first into some form of reality, that this is not what I expected. But now I’m here, and damn if I know how to go anywhere else.
  • You have been living someone else’s version of your life. In other words, you somewhere along the way, absorbed what a (probably) well meaning mama, aunt, grandpa or teacher said to you and you took that as your own. Someone implied that you should do it this way, or trust me, learn from my mistakes, or this is the way its always been done type thing
  • Perhaps you cant figure out exactly when you started to feel stuck, but now that you do, you feel too old and too set in your ways to change, hence, adding to the lost, stuck, and uncertain feelings.
  • You are going through a life-changing event: your spouse has passed away, you’ve gotten divorced, you lost your job, your child was diagnosed with a disability, your parent passed away, 

 So without further ado….

How Do You Become Unlost?

Quickest Way? Change.

Only Way? Change.

The underlying principle of becoming un-lost is change. You are lost because you have been doing the same thing (s), the same way, over and over again. And yes, it may have worked at one point. You may have felt happiness and joy, BUT, it no longer does.

And this is what I know: Change = Progress. 

And action leads to inspiration and to motivation AND motivation leads to action, which leaves us feeling inspired. PHEW! Got all that?!

How to Go From Feeling Lost to Meaning in Life

  1. Do something, anything. If you feel lost, do something and then harness the reaction to that action as a way to begin motivating yourself.
  2. Act.  Action inspires something to shift and change and allows new ideas and thoughts to surface, which leads to solving problems, getting answers and unstuckness.
  3. Find a problem you care about and start solving it. Yes, go out and start saving the world. Feeling like you are making a difference is what gives us fulfillment and happiness.
  4. Hire a Life Coach…someone who will help you think outside of the box,  help you make a very clear picture of the change you want to see and support you when it’s time to take action.  

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