Is Coaching For You?

Complete this questionnaire to find out if coaching is for you.

Answer the following questions, scoring 1-5 in this way:

1: Always
2: Very Frequently
3: Now and Again
4: Very Rarely
5: Never


  1. I am surrounded by like-minded, like-spirited, and like-hearted people.
  2. I have a deep sense of the reason for which I wake up in the morning.
  3. I am excited about my future, what it looks like, and what I am working toward.
  4. I focus on thinking optimistic thoughts, but I also know I need to DO… to do different things that bring me happiness and meaning, even if it means I am temporarily out of my comfort zone.
  5. I am confident of who I am at the core, what I stand for, what I believe in, and I act upon it daily.
  6. When challenges arise in life, I know that my purpose is bigger than my problem.
  7. I know what my unique gifts are and I share them with the world.
  8. In my daily activities with life, work, and relationships, I show up and feel like “this is the real me.”
  9. My life has a nice ‘flow’ to it; all of its pieces feel connected.
  10. I am operating my life from my ‘Truth’. I feel a deep sense of overall well-being and love sharing my bigger picture of life with others.

Add up the score for your results:

10-20: You are already THRIVING IN YOUR TRUTH…Life, and all it entails for you is right on target.

21-29: There are certainly parts of your life that are going well. However, a stint of coaching together will get you humming along in all core areas and therefore Living Your Truth on a regular basis.

30-50: We need to talk ASAP! Life is too short to continue this way. You deserve better. You deserve to be Thriving in Your Truth every day. Give me a call now.