Dear 2014, Thank You & Good ByeDear 2014, Thank You & Good Bye


Dear 2014,

I want to begin this letter by saying that although I only knew you a mere 365 days,I will always hold you close in my heart. We are forever bonded by the joy, pain, and experiences we shared in our year together. I am a better woman because of you.

Saying Good Bye is Bittersweet

Looking back on our time together, I can not believe, nor could I have imagined, all that would happen. Saying good bye to you now, is so bittersweet. It is with you that I said good bye to my dear dad in March. I was not prepared for that kind of pain, but you saw me through. I was not ready for the raw open way the world would look through the lens of being a fatherless daughter (here on earth), but here I am. With you by my side, I felt the undeniable helpless feeling as I watched not one, but two, of my beautiful friends daughters’ be diagnosed with life-changing things. With you by my side, I witnessed my own daughters raw pain of a broken collarbone after being thrown from a horse and then the wave of pure gratitude with the realization that it could have been so much worse. It was with you that I gathered my courage and said I need help, more than once. 

We Have Grown Leaps And Bounds Together

As my faithful companion, dear 2014, you watched me plant a smile on my face as my baby drove off for the first time, license in hand, in his first love, his new truck. To you, I nodded and winced as I realized that his next love will no doubt soon follow, and that, because of this stepping stone of life, our connection is forever changed. A chapter ended, another began. It was also with you by my side, that I witnessed pure innocence and Christmas magic, when my 2 year old, said “Me happy Santa brought me presents”. Pure. Endless. Love. 

In The Beginning I Made A Promise

If you recall, my beloved, I made you a promise when we first met. I was one year younger, a lot greener, and a bit fresher; but nevertheless I made you a promise. Do you remember what it was? My promise wasTo leave people better than I found them. Do you remember I also picked a new year word? It was connect.  Well, I tried my best to keep those promises. I connected with hundreds of women through my coaching practice, speeches, blog posts, and life. On my best days, I hope I left this sisterhood of women better than I found them. I hope I inspired, uplifted, and helped. I hope I did. And on my worst, well… on those days, I recognize that it was them that helped me up and left me better than the mess they found me in.

As Friends Go, You Have Been Pretty Amazing

You know, 2014, as far as friends go, you have been pretty damn amazing! For starters, I am still here. I survived! I am lucky. I am healthy. I am intact. Sure, I am a little bit older, but hell, the wisdom I gained is priceless and yes, the pain has been real, but then again, what a boring, sad, and un-fulfilling year it would have been, if not for all of that.  It’s been quite a ride. One that I wouldn’t trade because I know like I know, it is the way it was meant to be. I have faith in that, 2014. I believe in that. 

Here’s To You, Dear 2014, Thank you

So, here’s to you 2014! Without you, I would not be the woman I am today. A mere 365 days ago, I was someone different, I was a lesser version of me. Because of the gift of your time, I have grown. I am a better woman. I have gained wisdom, I have gained friendships, I have gained love. I have learned to let go. I have learned how to lesson my pain, by sharing it with others. I have learned how to be a better listener, by listening. You, dear 2014, have taught me how to be a better mom, a kinder friend, a stronger woman and a more connected person. It is because of you, that I am still here today and I thank you. It is because of you teaching me so much, that I am able to leave you here, but take all you have taught me with joy, into 2015. I wish you well 2014 and I am forever grateful for all you have given me. Farewell. Godspeed. 

Forever With Love,

Denuelle xoxo

Want To Write Your Own Dear 2014, Thank You &  Good Bye Letter? Here’s How:

  • Get a piece of paper and make a list of the major events over the past year. What happened and what you had hoped was going to happen. Hint; do not over think this part. If something pops in your head, it is there for a reason and that is reason enough to put it on your list
  • Spend time thinking and  reminiscing about each one.  How it served you, how it changed you
  • Bid farewell to the dreams you had that didn’t come true
  • Consciously let go of anything that you still resent, feels painful or is frustrating 
  • Make a list of all that the year has taught you. All that it gave you. Say thank you for all you gained. Give thanks for the woman you have become because of it
  • When you are ready, bid 2014 the proper good bye it deserves. Say farewell. Leave it there and give yourself permission to welcome 2015 with open arms and a willingness to learn and grow from all that it will teach you