Andrea Matusiak

Within my first conversation with Denuelle, I felt very relaxed and excited about my journey ahead. Denuelle provided the tools and support I needed to make sound decisions that I was 100% comfortable with. My primary focus was career exploration, but I came away from the experience with much, much more. Denuelle challenged me, listened to my every thought and was able to keep me motivated throughout the process. I not only feel confident that I made the correct career decision, but I feel empowered for future decisions. Denuelle has a true gift. My coaching experience was one that I will forever treasure.

Melissa A.

After going through an extreme low point in life, and bouncing around from counselor to counselor, I decided to branch out and try life coaching. I felt helpless and anxious. I was starting to isolate myself and question my purpose in life. I felt that my life was crumbling beneath me. As cliche as it may sound, I found Denuelle and my life has been forever changed. She has taught me so much in this past year about how to live a positive, fulfilling, and joyful life. I have worked on peeling back the layers to myself, finding my purpose in life and how to achieve it. I have learned how to acknowledge and then release my anxiety. My mindset has taken a complete 180 and I could not be more at peace with my life and everything that it throws at me. I have learned how to tackle life in a positive, maintainable, and effective way. Denuelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and she is the most comforting, understanding, and inspirational person I have worked with. I cannot recommend Denuelle enough! She has truly changed my life!

Phyllis Thompson

I came to career coaching after a short hospital stay, precipitated by worry and depression, because I was not happy in my present teaching position. Although I had already made the decision to retire, I wasn't sure it was the right decision, and I didn't know how to transition into other, more fulfilling work. Finances were of major concern as I was retiring early. The biggest challenge for me was learning from the past and letting go, focusing clearly on established priorities, and planning for the future. I found that I needed both life and career coaching which my coach easily provided.

Coaching has helped me confront my fear of change, the future, and myself. I learned to identify my accomplishments, interests and skills, to value them, and most importantly, to accept and love me. Coaching empowered me to change my life and feel good about it. Presently, I am writing, researching, and making visual art, three areas I love.

Why did coaching work? I felt all alone and a failure. First, I needed someone to be there for me, and to listen and not judge. Even though I didn't know all that I needed, I did know that to bond and maintain a flow, frequent contact with my coach was a must. Denuelle and I met weekly for several months. I couldn't do what was needed without support and direction. Breaking habits of the past, and forming an action plan of short and long term goals has enabled me to move forward with my life. I am in the driver's seat now.

Lisa, East Amherst, NY

I had been thinking about working with a life coach for a few years and uncovered the Endless Possibilities website through a Google search. I had no idea what to expect. Denuelle explained how life coaching works. The exercises and homework that she provided confirmed what was really important to me and helped to set realistic expectations for myself. As a female with multiple roles (mom, wife, working professional, woman, etc., etc.) she helped me redefine my expectations of "superwoman" and taught me how to slow down long enough to take a few minutes daily for myself, acknowledge my gifts and to celebrate victories – even the small ones. In order to succeed with a life coach, you have to make a commitment to yourself to help yourself – something most of us put off for others. Regularly scheduled meetings with Denuelle kept me on track and accountable to myself. I highly recommend using a life coach, and specifically, using Denuelle's services. Her experience, enthusiasm, and persistence continued to motivate me throughout the program. It's been 4 months since my last coaching session and I still apply the tools that I learned. Has my life completely changed? No, but I feel a lot more in control - a truly wonderful feeling!

Amanda M.

In June 2009, I attended one of Denuelle's all day retreats in Pendleton. As a working mother of 2 young children this is exactly what I needed. She is the type of person you want to surround yourself with. Her welcoming personality made everyone feel comfortable. We were able to open up, share and learn from others in our group because she is such a great leader. I enjoyed this AWESOME day being inspired, rejuvenated and meeting some new people who were also looking for ways as Oprah says to "live our best life.” In the Fall of 2010, I attended Work. Life. Me. day retreat with Denuelle. She always goes above & beyond when providing her retreats with the up most hospitality During this one, Denuelle presented us with an opportunity to be a part of monthly group coaching for six months, along with an individual session half way through the month.

From these past experiences I knew I wanted to work with Denuelle and jumped on board immediately! Our first group call was a place where we connected and shared some amazing energy. Working in a group setting is very comforting because you hear that others are struggling with similar issues. Denuelle is very professional with all aspects of the group call and keeps everyone focused in a positive timely manner. As I write this in June 2011, I can say I did achieve my pyramid up until June's goals. Denuelle challenged us, cheered for us, and most importantly helped us become accountable. I have made BIG changes in the past three years and I am proud to say I could have not done a lot of this without the help of a life coach. Coaching has motivated me to TAKE ACTION and see that there really are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES in every situation.

Kim R.

A year or two ago, I felt lost. I was overwhelmed. I felt unfulfilled. I went weeks at a time on auto-pilot. Everything seemed like a task but nothing seemed to get done. I'd struggled through a bout of postpartum depression after having my second daughter. Once things evened out there and she started sleeping more consistently, the economy dipped – throwing our business (that my husband and I share) onto a seemingly never-ending roller-coaster. Even though there were a lot of external factors at work which were keeping me on a massive stress treadmill, I knew something wasn't right internally – and I started listening. Listening to the quiet voice inside – intuition – when it prompted me to go in a certain direction. When I felt drawn to a person or book or website. I started listening, and I started doing. One thing that really proved pivotal was meeting my life coach. When I started coaching with her, I realized how taking a long hard look at myself could help – and how dramatically out of balance my life was. Little by little she helped me come to the realization of what I needed, what was missing, and gave me the inspiration to move forward.

Denuelle works with clients located anywhere in the country via coaching calls. You might think that not being face-to-face would detract from the experience, it really doesn't. She has a gift of being able to sense your needs even in the silent pauses. And she works with you to develop actionable plans – not just talking with no follow up. Sometimes it's hard. And sometimes things emerge that we'd rather not deal with head on. But she's there to help, to coach you through it. A champion in your corner even if you feel like you have no one else to rely on. For women who spend their lives giving, giving, giving, it's a breath of fresh air to have someone reminding you that you need to PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST. And that if you are depleted, and don't prioritize recharging yourself, in your soul, you will never have enough to go around.

Which is really a shame, because YOU are extraordinary.

Megan, Florida

I truly appreciate your positive outlook on life. You are able to take your passion for what you're doing, that positive outlook and your sincere and kind heart giving women who read your messages a dose of hope. Each of us has the capacity for change. That capacity does not travel alone though. It brings a bit of fear with it. When change happens we have to be prepared for what comes next. Even when it is a change for the better, there can be parts of it that are hard. That doesn't mean that we should avoid moving forward. It does mean that we need support. Care. Understanding. That is the message you are sending. It is a message that will be well received, of that I am sure. I know I heard it, loud and clear.

Laureen Monkelbaan

Working with Denuelle has made a lasting impact on how I view myself. The work that both of us, as a team, did was based on how I can make myself work the best for me. Denuelle encouraged me to view myself from an outside place as well as to learn to really dig deeper. These two perspectives uncovered very profound answers. Most of the obstacles that were in my way were there because I placed them there. Realizing that I had the power to place these obstacles in a way that prohibited me from accomplishing a goal, then I had the power to remove these obstacles; which put the control back in my hands to move forward with success.

The journey that Denuelle and I took together was never frightening or filled with anxiety. I looked forward to our sessions and the successes I accomplished were celebrated by not only me but Denuelle as well. Her methods and enthusiasm for her work and the clients is genuine and heart felt. Everyday as I have successes in my life, I know that Denuelle has been a large part in creating the 'wins' in my life!

Sharon Good, CC President,
Good Life Coaching Senior Instructor, The Life Purpose Institute

If I were looking for a life coach who was warm, insightful and gently supportive, Denuelle Meyer is the first person who would come to mind. Denuelle creates a safe space where you can discover the life you want and then guides you to achieve it. From her own life experiences, she really understands what her clients need. As the person who trained her to be a coach, I can recommend Denuelle without reservation!


I seriously cannot recommend Denuelle enough as a life coach. Before working with her, I had no experience with life coaching and was a little skeptical of what kind of results I could expect. The free, initial call with her is crucial because you both can decide if it is a good fit without any financial commitment for the client. Once I spoke with Denuelle, I knew we would work well together. Fast forward almost a year later and I can say with full confidence that working with Denuelle has helped my life and career path tremendously. She has a profound ability to boost your self-confidence and make you realize that the sky really is the limit. When and if I ever get stuck or need a little guidance, I would not hesitate to call Denuelle and schedule some sessions.

Jennifer C.

I recently attended Denuelle's SPARK Party and it really helped point me in the right direction. I left with enough ideas to get my wheels turning, help me dig deeper and figure out what my next steps should be. As a result, I've decided to start my own business that will allow me to be with my children more while still earning the income I need. SPARK was a very positive experience for me and Denuelle is great at what she does. I'd highly recommend her to any working Mom that needs help gaining clarity and creating a plan for their life and career!


Denuelle's coaching has empowered and encouraged me to be fearless as I prepare to write the next chapter of my life. She has a warm spirit, enthusiastic, positive attitude and an uncanny ability to "read between the lines,” that is, to hear and decipher what I'm not saying as loudly and clearly as what I am. Because of these and other unique qualities, along with her professional experience, Denuelle's coaching has become an invaluable part of my journey to heightened personal and professional fulfillment and success.

Linda G, Chandler, AZ

I, like every other woman on the planet, thought I could do all, fix all, and take care of everyone. So, after an ATV accident several years ago, stopped me in my tracks, I just stayed there. I wanted to be whole again. I was depressed, lonely, unfulfilled, and felt invisible. No one really heard me when I talked. I did not know where to start.

So, I took the first step and called Denuelle. Our first conversation was very warm, and Denuelle listened and did not judge. So our 6 month journey began, once a week. Denuelle's attitude is so enthusiastic and positive, and she has this amazing ability to read between the lines, even when you don't say a word.

She has given me the tools I need to continue on my journey. To make sure I always put myself on that list.

Theresa, NY

I was not in a good place. My work left me so tired, so depleted each day. I had come to believe drastic changes had to take place, especially regarding my career. I was ready to just walk away from it all.

But then I discovered Life Coach Denuelle Meyer and over our three months together my world gradually changed for the better. Denuelle got me centered again, helping me regain perspective. She reminded me I cannot force things to happen. I had to learn to ‘ride the wave' and trust where I would land.

My world opened up career-wise once Denuelle helped me to "let go," trust the journey, and focus on what I could control. The next thing I know I am being offered a new job. It was an amazing opportunity being given to me and I had the courage to accept it. Why? Because of Denuelle's coaching. I was in a better place and I was able to take the leap because I knew it was the right move for me to make at this time in my life. I never envisioned my career taking this path, but it has been an amazing experience thus far and I could not have done it without her.

What an extraordinary journey with Denuelle! It's difficult to describe - you just have experience it with her! She's an amazing woman and Life Coach!

Lindsay, NY

Working with Denuelle has truly been a life changing experience for me. I started Life Coaching with Denuelle when I was 28 years old because I felt like I was not living my life to its fullest potential. The worst part was that I felt totally drained at such a young age too. Denuelle not only helped me to regain control of my life and take my power back but she also helped me to rediscover my personal identity and grow in confidence. Now I have less anxiety, know how to prioritize better and have eliminated the negative relationships from my life. The best part was that she even coached me into a new kick-ass job! I truly trust Denuelle and would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Denuelle for believing in my unlimited potential, for guiding me onto a better life path and for ultimately helping me get my SPARKLE back! You are more than what I could have ever dreamed a life coach would be!


Denuelle is an excellent Life Coach! She has really helped me discover what motivates me and the steps I need to take to keep living my best life! Every session with her is a great journey in self discovery and I'm really enjoying working with her.


When I look back at the past year and a half, I realize that a lot has happened and it all started with you! Thanks so much for the clarity I gained while working with you. I am still flexing that leap of faith muscle!


Denuelle coached me for three months with follow-up meetings. I started confused and unsure on how to start planning toward my future goals and transitioning into the career I always wanted. Denuelle has an ease about her that makes it easy to discuss issues she puts forth. Her no holds bar approach and complete honesty is what is needed in order to have proper self-reflection and for that I am truly grateful. I remember her stating that she would provide the tools and it would be left to myself to actually make the personal discoveries. Without her guidance in this journey I would still be stuck in my own head and it would have taken me double the time to dig myself out of it and escape my rut. I highly recommend Denuelle to anyone in need of any life support. She pushed me into discovering the positives I have to offer in life and truly helped me to recover from the darker moments in my life.