Thank you for the great reviews on Amazon!

Plug_In_Your_Kick_As_Cover_for_KindleOh, I am so thrilled. There are such warm and wonderful reviews on Amazon for my book, Plug In Your Kick Ass Life: With the 3-Part-Punch System.

Here are a couple of them…. 🙂

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars get moving!!!! March 5, 2013
As all of us crazy busy Women, in this crazy busy world..I always feel like I get whats “Left Over”..what the kids didn’t eat for dinner, yup thats mine, when I am not running to meetings, work, dance or gymnastics class, yup grocery shopping at midnight, that’s mine…Really! I tell my Mom all the time…”What the hell is this Happily Ever After stuff” Because Im not feelin it.. Im feelin that everyday we go through the motions to make EVERYONE else happy!! That’s CRAP! I knew I needed some kick butt motivation, to stop the never ending world wind, rollar coaster ride, thats never coming to an end….and low and behold HERE IT IS!!! I will warn you, when you read this book there is no turning back, I secretly believe the author is watching..she captures your thoughts and weaknesses..and MAKES you change the way you feel..So if your ready for this stupid fast paced rollar coaster to STOP! and YELL ME! ME! ME!..then get reading, and enjoy the new ride!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT BOOK!!!!!! March 5, 2013
Over the past few years I have attended a couple of Denuelle’s womens’ retreats. I have left them feeling refreshed and inspirited. Of course I was super excited to hear that she published a book and could not wait to read it! This book comes highly recommended to anyone who wants or needs the motivation to move forward and reach your goals! It is hard to put down because you just want to see what she has to say next. I love the “down to earth tone” she uses for her readers to keep us interested. There is none of the “counseling” or “preaching” you may hear in other self help guides. She is a real person with a family, a career, and a busy schedule just like the rest of us but has also accomplished much more in life. I love how Danuelle wants every woman who reads this to feel centered and worthy of all she is. I have been reading with a pen in one hand and a highlighter in the other so I can always go back and read such sections again. She has prompted me to get up and go to Curves again and start making time for me! Thanks Danuelle-you are always such a great speaker, author, and motivator!