I grew up with the saying:

 “honesty is the best policy.”

I remember hearing it being said over and over and can recall many times when I fell back on its truth. Its something I still believe to be true and now say to my own children. Not always easy to follow through with of course, sometimes being honest is downright hard. Hard to admit when we are wrong. Hard to come clean when we are trembling on the inside. Hard to put ourselves in the position of full disclosure. It’s never easy to feel vulnerable and raw and “out there”. 

Because being honest with ourselves isn’t always easy to do, it can be a very slippery slope to believe we are doing something better, more often, or more efficiently than we really are. As multi-taskers,  we sometimes confuse being busy with being productive. We think we are doing better than we actually are. We confuse good intentions with actually doing whatever it is that needs to get done.

That’s why the alcoholic goes to AA and the over-eater goes to Weight Watchers. That’s why people hire Life Coaches, Consultants, and Gate-Keepers. To keep them honest. Because they know their good intentions and best laid plans can get high-jacked before they can say “no thank you, I’m good, and I got this thing”. 

We need someone or something to keep us honest because otherwise it never happened. And if we can’t prove it, say it or claim it, we are just winking in the dark.

So we have to put ourselves out there. Be vulnerable. Say I need help. Say I’m stuck. Say “I’m frickin’ drowning here, man, and I need a life line.” Write it down. Glue it to the board. Pin it up. Say it out loud. Back yourself up against a wall, where you’ll have no excuses and are forced to be 100% honest with yourself. Put yourself in the place where the productivity begins. 

Who’s keeping you honest?

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