When I was little girl I remember I loved the 4th of July. When it was completely dark out and only stars lit up the night sky, someone would hand out the Sparklers.

And then, hand extended holding out that aluminum long stick, I would wait for my dad to come along with a match.  I was nervous and giddy with excitement because I knew that once that match was held to the end of my sparkler, it would  take a minute to ignite,  and in the meantime it  would spat and sputter sparks on my hand and arm. I remember it felt like tiny little bee stings and I didn’t like it.  But I held on because I knew that the sputtering would stop soon and then I would have a beautiful, bright, sparkly Sparkler that I could wave and write my name in the sky with.  For just a few glorious moments, I am spinning and waving my stick and beautiful pops of sparks are all around me.  And when it ended, I quickly asked for another one, because I was less afraid  of the stings and more aware of the thrill of waving that Sparkler.

That’s what it feels like to live within your Truth. It may be scary at first, a few sparks hitting you as you explore, expand, and begin to cultivate and thrive in your Truth. But once it ignites inside you, you recognize how awesome it is and it makes striking the next match that much less frightening. You just know like you know, that feeling you get when you  twirl your Sparkler in the night sky. Living within our Truth, that sacred, almost effortless place where we thrive, truly is like writing our name in the sky, with the sparkiest of Sparklers on the 4th of July.