Thank You Letter

As I sit down to write this week’s blog, I am filled to the brim with excitement. I’m excited because I am busy expanding as I promised myself I would this year. I am rounding the corner and can see the finish line for something I’ve been working on for a year now. Yep, you heard me, 12 whole months of focus and determination on a coaching project I will be rolling out soon. It’s kind of a big deal, and I look so forward to telling you all about it and throwing virtual confetti with you soon! 🎉🎊

With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about a very special person who helped me to expand. This person is never-shrinking and ever-expanding. Never once did they back down from life. It was as if they had sun, fertilizer, and water sprinkled on them that whispered “grow” every day of their life. 🌞 🌱This person impacted me in countless ways and showed me how to continuously expand in my life. 💙

This Week- Giving Thanks

Still with me? Okay, now I want you to circle back to the 12-minute challenge, journaling, and your word for the year. For this week’s edition, I want you to sit down and write a letter to someone very special to you. Specifically, I want you to write a Thank You letter to the person who influenced you the most by teaching you, by word or action, about your word of the year. 📝 

I want you to close your eyes and picture him or her. See their face, hear their voice, and bathe yourself in their presence. Feel how you felt when you were with them. 




Feel whatever it was that you felt when you were with them. Is there something memorable they said to you? 

Now I want you to open your eyes and write them a heartfelt letter giving thanks. Offer them gratitude for the way they impacted your life and gave you evidence that (insert your word) was possible. Thank them for being an excellent example for you. Offer them, love. Let them know that because they exist, you are a better person. Tell them the specific things they said or did that provided evidence that you, too, could succeed. 🤗

Giving Thanks Helps You Too

Dear friend, this exercise is meant to be a powerful reminder of the resources you have around you, where they came from, and who has helped you along your journey thus far. Furthermore, and maybe most importantly, what I know for sure is that you cannot see something in someone else if it doesn’t already exist within you. You are a powerful human being that has strength, gumption, and endless growth potential.

My friend, you have the potential for so many amazing possibilities. 🌅

Use this week’s 12-minute challenge, your word, and your journaling to thank whomever you believe deserves your grace and gratitude. PS, if they are still alive, I encourage you to send them the letter. 💗




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This Week’s 12-minute challenge is: journaling a thank-you letter. Who is that special person in your life? What did they do to help you become who you are today? Have you told them? Try it! I KNOW they will appreciate the love! Click through to learn more about journaling a thank-you letter! You got this! Pin now, read later. #fitmind #stressfree #12-minutechallenge #journaling #thankyou #newyearnewyou #resolution #change