Journaling With Your Word of the Year

I’m so curious, how is the 12-minute journaling challenge going? Don’t fret if you haven’t started, as it is not too late. As a matter of fact, you can begin anytime that works for you! The goal is to start and then take 12 minutes a day, ideally every day, and focus on one thing. This is definitely one of those scenarios where late is better than never! 👍

Okay, remember back in week one of January when I asked you to pick your word for the year? This word is your guiding light, north star, I’m gonna make 2020 the year of (your word), thank you very much, kind of word!!! My word for 2020 is: expand, which is one of the reasons we are all expanding!

Fast forward to the second week of January when I introduced the 12-minute challenge with January’s focus: journaling. For that first week, I wanted you to begin by journaling 12 minutes a day regarding what you want to do in 2020 and what you will thank yourself for in December.

🙋‍♀️ How did that go? Did you get some good stuff down? 📝

This Week- Journaling Your Word

For this week, I am adding to your journaling journey! This step assumes you did pick a word, so if you didn’t pick one yet, right now is the perfect time to do so! No overthinking allowed! Just pick whatever word comes to mind. By the way, yours has no doubt “been” there for a while waiting for you to claim it. You know, that word that keeps jumping up from a magazine page or your FB feed? 🤯

👏 Round of applause for choosing your word!! 2020 is the year of (your word)! 🎉

So, now you have your word; next, I want you to take 6 minutes in the morning and write down all the ways you are going to make that word happen. For instance, if your word is Fearless, you would write down all the ways you are going to demonstrate fearlessness today. In addition, I want you to write about how fearless is going to feel.

Then, at night take another 6 minutes and write down all the ways you DID demonstrate fearlessness and how you felt as a result.

Now, you may find the morning takes less time, and you really get into writing at night. Great! Don’t get wrapped up in semantics, just enjoy journaling about your word for the year.

As always, I WANT to hear about how this is going. Please reach out with any comments, concerns, and of course, wins! You got this! 💪 😎


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This Week’s 12-minute challenge is: journaling about your word for the year. This word is your guiding light, north star, I’m gonna make 2020 the year of (your word), thank you very much, kind of word! Click through to learn more about journaling your word! You got this! Pin now, read later. #fitmind #stressfree #12-minutechallenge #journaling #wordoftheyear #newyearnewyou #resolution