Lies We Tell OurselvesWelcome to week 25 of The Weekly Well! Here is where you will find weekly inspiration to live your best life. This week I want to start with a relatively simple question: How often do you tell yourself lies?

Did your response go something like this: "ah never Denuelle, I am an honest person. I pride myself on always telling the truth." Well, ladies, I didn't ask how often you tell others a lie, I asked how often do you tell YOURSELF lies.

This means negative self-talk, otherwise known as lies. Do any of the following sound familiar?

I am:

  • so fat
  • lazy
  • too old
  • unable to do "this" no matter how hard I try
  • terrible at this parenting thing
  • royally failing
  • up to my eyeballs and there is NO way I'll get through it

The above are examples of what I mean when I ask how often are you telling yourself lies. We ladies tend to use this internal language that we somehow feel validated to use in our own minds against ourselves. Again, just to clarify...they are lies, ladies!

Do You Tell Lies To Your Best Friend?

We would never use the kind of language spelled out above with our best friends. Would you ever say to your best friend, "You are really sucking, in over your head, and there is no way you are going to accomplish your goal?"

No Way!

I know you wouldn't. You are all good, kind-hearted women.

I bet you would say:

  • You got this!
  • Don't worry about it!
  • I will walk with you until you lose that extra weight.
  • You are the best mom.

Whatever the scenario, you would be a cheerleader for your best friend.

So, then why not cheerlead for yourself? Ladies, we need to STOP the negative internal messages we are sending ourselves.

We need to stop that.

For the good of our mental health and happiness, we need to stop telling ourselves lies! In order to have a fit mind (which, as you all know, I am very passionate about!), we have to stop the negative self-talk.

How Do I Stop the Lies?

Time for the good news...and let me tell you there is always good news! There are things you can do and start implementing NOW to help slow down that damn monkey mind of negativity you are feeding yourself.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you find yourself telling lies and being mean to YOU.

  1. Is this kind? Am I being kind to myself? Remember, we are measuring against how you would treat a best friend, and you would want to be kind to her...correct?! So, while thinking about that fact, turn the conversation inward and ask, Am I being kind?
  2. Is this thought serving me well? My mom used to say, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Sounds familiar, right? We probably all grew up with that adage in the back of our minds. In the scenario of talking with your best friend, you would wonder if the message would serve her well. This is something you would automatically cover in your mind, and if it didn't, you wouldn't let it out of your mouth! However, we don't always do that with ourselves. We are willing to tell ourselves lies that don't serve us. So again, ask yourself, "is it necessary, and does it serve me well."
  3. Is it true? This a quote that I love from Katie Byron. This cuts right to the chase! Is it true that you are the worst _______?  In complete and total honesty, is that really true? Again, would you say that to your best friend? We only tell our friends things that are true, right?

Wrap It Up

Ladies, it is crucial to stop telling yourself lies and to treat yourself like you treat your best friend. The 3 qualifying questions above will help lead you in the right direction. Here they are again in the purest form:

Is this thought:

  1. Kind?
  2. Serving me well?
  3. True?

I cannot wait to see how these questions help you ditch those lies you are telling yourself. How will you manifest this into your next week or this week...starting now!

Please let me know how it goes. I love getting your thoughts and comments, so please keep me posted on your progress!

Without Further Ado, Here is the Twenty-Fifth Edition:

🛑Videos do contain colorful language, so pop on some headphones if you have kiddos around!


Before I leave you until next week, I want you to start treating yourself like the gem you are. 💎💎 I got YOU, and YOU got this!


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Do Well. Be Well. Live Well


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Do You Tell yourself lies? It is so common to have negative self-talk, AKA lies, spiraling in our brains. A key part of a fit mind is to alleviate negative self-talk. Click through to learn 3 questions to help you stop telling yourself lies!

Do You Tell yourself lies? It is so common to have negative self-talk, AKA lies, spiraling in our brains. A key part of a fit mind is to alleviate negative self-talk. Click through to learn 3 questions to help you stop telling yourself lies! Read now, pin later. #stressrelief #negativity #stress #lies #fitmind #selftalk