Plug In YOUR Kick-Ass Life

In my book, I reveal my 3 Part Punch System: a set of rules to live by that empower you to take back control of your own destiny. I discuss the important aspects of life that women need to maintain to keep healthy emotionally and spritually. I give inspiring examples of how women I have helped with coaching  have gone on to conquer their fears and challenges, and are now living fulfilling lives that satisfy their aspirations, without guilt or regret. And I've satisfied some of my lifelong ambitions:

To be an author.

To help other women achieve productive, satisfying lives.

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Plug in Your Kick Ass Life is an absolutely fabulous book. I'm plowing through my office today (seriously, I could use a small tractor...) and revisited your pages and was laughing, fired up and convicted to live with a bit more courage and attitude. Thank you for sharing with me and I wish you every success and sold-out book signings.

- Ame Beanland, New York Times best-selling author of It’s a Chick Thing, and Postcards from the Bump

Longing for connection

I believe as women, we crave connection as much as we crave peace and quiet. Connection with ourselves. Connection with others. It is what we do: connect. And when there is a "disconnect," a break in the fibers securing us to ourselves and others, we feel dull. We aren’t connected, we aren’t anchored and we aren’t feeling the bliss of being alive. That’s what connection gives us.

The reason we aren’t connected? We aren’t listening to what the universe, our higher being, or God is trying to tell us. When we choose not to listen, this voice does not give up and keeps bombarding us with signs. It is basically hollering, "Hey! You need to listen to me! I won’t lead you wrong. I don’t want you to suffer."

But, we continue to ignore and as a result we experience stress, headaches, pain, tiredness, dullness, depression, low libido, and lack of creativity, stimulation and vibrancy. We begin to feel dead inside. That is when the stinking-thinking and the story-telling begin, which piles on more stress, headaches, self-doubt, depression and craziness and it just becomes a big old bloody mess.


"Why am I here?"
"What is my purpose?"

When there is a "disconnect," we lose our way; we fumble and second-guess why we are here and what on earth we are doing with ourselves. Turned inward, we start to wonder what our purpose is and question who we are or even what we want. Or we take it to the streets and become judgmental and bitchy of others.

Have you been there? I sure have.

So, now that connection has been clearly defined and you know what you may experience when you are disconnected, I am going to lay out for you my 3-Part-Punch System. I have used it successfully, excitingly, rewardingly, with so many clients! It is so simple, and the simplest programs are often the most effective. The three parts are the three underlying elements of feeling alive, whole and connected to yourself, others and to your own life. In my work, I guide my clients to focus and Punch Up those three elements until they are really standing proud in and recognizing their own greatness.