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As I was preparing this week's newsletter, I had a seriously intense moment of wow this struggle is so freakin real for so many women!  Ya know that feeling when the intensiveness of something is so crystal clear that it can't be denied?

Well, that's what this topic did for me, because it is a real struggle for many... worrying about other people's opinions about your life, your job, your weight, your house, your volunteering, your parenting, your husband's habits, your, your, your!

(And since we are being so bloody honest around here, I'm going to be truthfully honest with you and tell you this:  I do not believe this week's video completely captured my passion around this topic. Actually, I know it didn't. But as deadlines go, I had to hit go. So, to be completely transparent, I am going to do my best to add-lib here)

So, If I were to laser-focus this all down and tell you something I know for sure it is this: The biggest influencer on YOUR success is if you care or not about other people's opinions.

Friends, the bottom line is never, ever, ever should someone else's opinion matter more to you than your own opinion of yourself. But even as I say this, I know it's easier said than done, because I've struggled with it myself.

Where I have Struggled

For me, personally, the struggle over the years has been worrying about other people's opinions of my parenting. This is usually related to something my kids have done, or not done and me caring about what other people think (or may not think) about it.

Here's the thing, I don't actually know for sure what anyone is thinking. Right? This is where I would get into the psycho-terrorism cycle, wondering if they think badly of my kids, myself, or whatever the hell the case may be. I have wasted moments of being in the present because I was too busy trying to fix things. Does that make sense?

The reality is, it's all bullshit anyway! Because at the end of the day, as long as I know that I am doing what I want to be doing, that's what matters. The priority is being an excellent example of the character and integrity I want to instill in my kids. That's what matters, not the perfect family social media pic (btw, it's not a coincidence here that you very rarely if ever, see one of my fam). 🤣

So here's where I want you to get honest and real with yourself. Figure out where it is that other people's opinions affect you.

Do Other People's Opinions Affect You?

Some of the following scenarios may ring a bell:

  • Wondering and worrying about something someone said or didn't say. In other words, giving too much of your thinking power to what someone "hypothetically" may be thinking themselves
  • Scrolling social media waiting for likes
  • Waiting for someone to call back so you can hammer it out one more time
  • Feeling anxious about losing 10 more lbs for a holiday party
  • Ruminating on not enough responses to something you did. For example, you were in charge of the October work party...so you pulled it off, pretty damn well, if you do say so yourself, thank you very much!  BUT, now can't help but wonder why your email isn't flooded with "Thank you's" and "YOU-DA-BOMB" pat on the back.

I Want YOU To Soar

What I want for you is to see you soar! I want YOU as a woman, as an individual, and the person you are meant to be in this world to get out there and soar. It doesn't matter if you are a business owner, lawyer, doctor, parent, or all of the above. Because at the end of the day, being you is all that matters.

You are amazing. You have everything you need within you to do well. Don't ever let anyone tell you different!


Before I leave you until next week, go get em! You got this!


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Other People’s Opinions- Don’t Let Them Undermine Your Own! Someone else's opinion of you should never matter more to you than your opinion of yourself. Click through to learn more! Do Well, Be Well, Live Well The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life. Pin NOW, Read LATER #fitmind, #stressrelief #anxiety #liveyourbestlife #stress #opinions

Other People’s Opinions- Don’t Let Them Undermine Your Own! Someone else's opinion of you should never matter more to you than your opinion of yourself. Click through to learn more about letting your awesomeness shine through! Pin NOW, Read LATER #fitmind, #stressrelief #anxiety #liveyourbestlife #stress #opinions