Overthinking is the Enemy of Change

Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life! How overthinking is the enemy of change.Welcome to week 21 of The Weekly Well! Here is where you will find weekly inspiration to live your best life. This week I want to talk about how overthinking is the enemy of change. I know I talk about overthinking a lot, but that's because it is a huge problem! The good news is that this is a problem we have the power to change. 

We need to get out of our heads and get into action.

Friends, when we let overthinking take over, it can cause some real problems.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

I want you to challenge yourself this week to stop overthinking and try to see things just how they are. More importantly, and this is the good stuff friends...I want you to kick out the drama and complexity and not make things worse than they are! That is how overthinking takes over your mind and tricks you into thinking you have a mountain to climb instead of a molehill!

Overthinking Visualization Exercise

Picture a challenge, question, or anything you are pondering.

Here is what I want you to do:

  • See it right there in front of you
  • This is the ONE thing you have to deal with
  • Put on the brakes right here
  • Don't let your mind go to the "what if" arena and make it worse than it is
  • You have something in front of you; that is what it is
  • NO overthinking!

Any time you are making a choice/decision involving your children, job, or anything else, I want you to pause and not overthink. When a problem arises, it is not the problem itself that is the cause of all the heartache, it is the meaning we attach to it. Are you with me?! We are the ones that make it so!

Free Yourself From Overthinking

Ladies, I want you to free yourself so you can stroll through your day without carrying extra baggage that is so draining and emotionally exhausting. Overthinking can be painful to watch and experience.

Ask yourself...

How could this challenge, stop sign, fork in the road, phone call, diagnosis, whatever it is, be happening FOR me? This is in strict opposition to thinking that it is happening TO me. Take time to pause and think!

Change your thinking, and you will change YOUR world.

Overthinking will absolutely kill you, your dreams, and your spirit quicker than anything else will. Make your decision. Don't make the decision or result that you are considering any worse than it is. Pull the trigger...1,2,3, and then GO!

Wrap It Up

Friends, I promise you this...regrets only come from things we do not do. DO IT! See where life takes you!

One thing I know for sure is you will be that much stronger and bad-ass for making a choice and getting out of your head. Don't let overthinking prevent you from living your best life. You got this!!

Without Further Ado, Here is the Twenty-First Edition:


Before I leave you until next week, I want to wish you the most wonderful, less-thinking, more-action filled week than you have had in a long, long time!!

Take care 😘


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Do Well. Be Well. Live Well


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Overthinking can cause serious damage and strain on your wellbeing. Learn how to stop overthinking and take back control. Click through to learn more :) Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life!