The Soul of Your Home

Your home should speak to you, be comforting, and renew your energy. Unfortunately, one of the biggest energy-suckers is an unwelcoming home. Through the years, I have heard lots of stories of how your homes aren’t your favorite place to be, how cluttered, unwelcoming,  boring and stale they are. And I have heard lots of excuses as to why: it was your husband’s family’s home before you came along (would you believe I have heard this at least half a dozen times?), you are too busy to decorate, you don’t know how to decorate,  you don’t know where to begin and are overwhelmed. And this is, well, sad.

Your home should speak to your soul. It should welcome you like a mama hugging her baby who has come home from war. It should fill you, lift you and soothe you. It should be your cozy-up, safe-place-to-fall, escape, and entertain place. It should be your haven. 

So, in addition to writing on life and career issues, I am going to start blogging about home. More specifically, about the soul of a home, how to decorate your home to make it feel like you are always on vacation, tips and tutorials of how to pick out and find your style, how to refinish furniture, think outside the box, and trust yourself. How to genuinely find the soul of your home.

Your Home: Find Your Style

TIP ONE: Try and try again to unearth your style

IMG_20140923_121731704Today I want to share my latest dreamy space in my front foyer, as seen in today’s picture. It has taken me years to trust and lean into my Coastal-living, French-country, Shabby-chic style. Every time I pass this space, I smile. The shine, the wedding present horse pitcher on the tray, the deer head, (which is a nod to my husband) and my old beat up sofa table. Hmm, I love it.

What you don’t see however, is the other table I bought at a garage sale and the other, honking big mirror I bought and returned that didn’t work in this space. And the only way for me to find out, was to try some things, some different arrangements and different pieces. Because, Rome was not built in a day, or with one shopping trip. You have to try and try again when unearthing your style. You can not get discouraged when one thing does not work, but rather trust that something will work, and you will know it when it does. Because your home should speak to you and renew your energy and your soul. 

I welcome your comments, questions, photos of your home and how you are developing its soul. And I look forward to blogging about all the things I love doing myself: bringing new energy to a worn out piece of furniture, changing paint color (sometimes three times) until it speaks to me, learning the rules of developing the soul of your home (hint, there are none!) and lots more tips, inspiration, and motivation along the way!

Next time: Tip Two:  Before & after pictures of my bedroom dressers, plus the  steps on how I took them from old & outdated to fresh & fabulous!