All this week I’m going to talk about self love and how you can love yourself like you are God’s (or your version of Higher Power) gift to the universe, because you are! 💙🙏 I want to start with the skill of forgiveness. Yes, it is something you can practice, polish, and learn. It is a skill of freedom and ultimate self love that can help you let go of the effects of an injury….It is how you respond to that injustice that can and will make all the difference in your life.

I want to begin with a simple question; Do you ever feel resentful? Regardless of your answer you may be surprised with what I’m about to say. Why? Because you may have never considered this:

Deep within forgiveness is this; wanting yes and getting no.

* I wanted a partner that was going to be faithful, I got no.
* I wanted a child who was going to excel academically, I got no.
* I wanted my boss to be fair and professional, I got no.
* I wanted to be safe and secure walking home that night, I got no.
* I wanted my child’s teacher to understand her disability better, I got no.

So as a result, we create a resentment (often unknowingly ) because we got no. Which was different than what we wanted, what we thought it should be; frankly what we think we deserved. We wanted yes, we got no.

Before we can completely let go, love, and embrace our lives, we have to get real with this piece…take a look within. Does this feel uncomfortable at all to you?

We have to change the root before we can change the fruit.

Day 37 Do Well * Be Well