Principle of Priority & Crushing Your Goals

Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life! Prioritize your time and start crushing your goals. PriorityWelcome to week 11 of The Weekly Well! Here is where you will find weekly inspiration to live your best life. Before we get to the principle of priority, I want to start this week off by asking, what is important to you? What are the intentions you set for your day? Week? Life? Put those thoughts in your back pocket while you read this week's post so you can easily check-in with how this all relates to you!

Last week we talked about the notion of time and the stress it brings to so many of us when there just isn't enough of it in the day! The truth of the matter is, life isn't a dress rehearsal! We have to roll with what we have and not wait for an encore that will never happen. Let's also be honest...there are certainly times when we could do more, but we aren't giving the most of ourselves. This could be for many reasons:

  1. Spreading ourselves WAY too thin
  2. Putting out fires all over the place
  3. Forgetting to do important tasks

The good news is, this conversation is a perfect segway into something that I absolutely love to both teach and talk about. Better yet, this will help you even more with managing your time and living in the moment! I want to introduce the principle of priority. Steven Pressfield talks about this in his book, The War of Art. The idea is we need to be able to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important. Then, we need to do what is important.

SO incredible! How often do we (yes, myself too) talk about running out of time and not getting enough done? What if we took a minute and reflected on how we actually spent our time? Usually, if we are honest, we can see what caused the leaks. So often it is because we were pulled away by whomever or whatever was urgent at the time. We let ourselves be distracted by the urgent and forgot about prioritizing what is important.

How Do I know What is Important and Takes Priority?

Remember when I asked you at the beginning what is important to you, well dig deep and find that answer. If you are still unsure, have a look at a post I did a few weeks ago on creating a daily routine. Part of that process is setting intentions for your day, week, year, and then you can easily check back in to see if you are on track with what is important to you! You can find that article here.

Once you know what it is important and something new pops up you can ask yourself, "Is doing A going to get me closer to the intention I set for myself or is it implied urgency that can wait until later?"

Look, friends, I won't sit here and tell you this will be easy. The phone will ring, emails will come in, and people will demand your time. The choice is whether to let those distractions lead you down the urgency path or the priority path and focus on what is important. Taking the urgency path is a habit. And guess what?

Habits can be broken!

Ah huh, Can I Really Break That Habit?

Of course, you can break that habit! You are a rockstar! You will be free in no time!

Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life! Prioritize your time and start crushing your goals. Priority.

The next time something urgent pops up and tries to steal your concentration away from the priority path and what is important, try to do the following steps:

  1. Stop and really pay attention to what is going on
  2. Say, "No, I am not going to be distracted by this"
  3. Stick with your priority of what is important and the intention you set for yourself
  4. Don't fall for tricksy urgencies that make you think you have to switch gears

Side effects of choosing what is important as a priority:

  • Sense of time is impacted, opening up bandwidth, thus resulting in having more time
  • Boost in confidence
  • Accomplishing more important tasks
  • Less beating yourself up
  • Feeling empowered and fulfilled
  • Crushing the goals you set for yourself

Wrap It Up

I want to be clear that it takes discipline and embracing this new habit to fully implement the principle of priority in your life. I KNOW you can do it, though! Once you start focusing on what is important and ignoring all of the urgent pop-ups, you may finally find that time is on your side...and maybe even a friend!

Stay tuned for a future post that delves a little more into the logistics of distraction and how when we allow ourselves to be distracted it takes more than twice the time to get back on track and focus. Yikes! Check back soon for more info!

Without Further Ado, Here is the Eleventh Edition:


Before I leave you until next week, I want to remind you one more time to do what is important, not what is urgent. You got this, I have your back!


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Do Well. Be Well. Live Well


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Prioritize Your Time & Start Crushing Your Goals! Start focusing on what is important, not what is urgent. Click through to learn more! Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life. Priority.