Being Present is an Act of Courage

Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life! Being present is an act of courage.Welcome to week 15 of The Weekly Well! Here is where you will find weekly inspiration to live your best life. This week I want to talk about how being present is an act of courage. Why do I say this?

I think we have become accustomed to being scattered in our everyday lives. And yes, I am talking to my tribe and women just like myself. No one is immune to this behavior! So many of us have taken on being scattered, frazzled, chronically busy, and just not being centered. We take this behavior right into the core of our everyday lives and overall wellbeing. We wear it, almost like a badge of honor.

I speak about being present so often because I know this is one of the foundational pieces that cause our anxiety, stress, and frustrations with how to navigate through our lives.

When we do choose (and yes it is a choice), to stop and be present, I call that an act of courage!

Being Present is Courageous!

The conditioning of the society we live in has made the contrary (scattered, uncentered lives) our norm. Does the following sound familiar?

  • Going on social media and becoming distracted
  • Juggling with the timing of driving the kids to all their stops
  • Listening to a podcast or watching tv to take up space and create a distraction
  • Grabbing dinner at a drive-through because there isn't time for anything else
  • Running through to-do lists in our head, but not getting anywhere

Some iteration of that is the story of our lives! We have forgotten how important being present is for our sanity and wellbeing.


We do know that being present is vital, but we choose to avoid it!

Why Would We Avoid Being Present?

Perhaps the present is too painful. There are countless possible scenarios where being distracted and scattered is much "easier" than being present and facing the truth. Here are a few I regularly hear from my clients:

  • Facing a crumbling marriage, and it is too painful to admit that to yourself, so you work yourself into the land of distraction.
  • Working at supporting a family and realizing it is time to change it up a bit because of schedule or finances. But. It is too painful to look that in the eye, so you distract yourself by gossiping with a friend.
  • Staring right at a juncture in your life when it is time to shake things up and because it is scary (hell yeah change is scary!), you avoid it and instead go drinking with friends all weekend.

No judgment here, friends! It is natural to create a defense mechanism to avoid pain and scary stuff! This is precisely why I said being present is an act of courage! If dealing with our crap was easy, we wouldn't be having this conversation!

So, I commend you for being present right now! Heck, even if it is just for a few minutes! Perhaps for some extra credit, after reading this blog, you can stop and do a bit of thinking?

Wrap It Up

I know that it can be easier to be anywhere but in the present. But. If you can stay here in the present and maybe even make it a mantra in your life ("I embrace this moment"), this will lead to:

  1. Clarity
  2. Less anxiety and stress
  3. Allow you to hear your inner soul

Being present and listening, that is where we will hear our voice, feel our heart, and get answers to what we have been trying to avoid. If you felt a ping from anything I am saying, it is likely there is something inside that wants to be heard!

It is like a muscle. Choose today to be the day you work on that courage muscle and stay in the present! Try and do it every morning for 5 minutes. Just keep coming back to the moment. Your muscle will keep getting stronger and more able to support you when you take the next step and make changes in your life.

One more time together, "I embrace this moment."

Without Further Ado, Here is the Fifteenth Edition:


Before I leave you until next week, I want to wish you a wonderful week of being present, mindfulness, clarity, and most of being your best self! You got this!🧘‍♀️

I did not have a Facebook Live this week, but I promise to back at it in a few weeks. Until then, check out last week's Live where I whole-heartedly encourage you to laugh it off. Honestly, friends, laughter is the best medicine!🤣🤣

Check it out here:

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Do Well. Be Well. Live Well


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Being present is an act of courage. We all struggle with being present, but when are we have less stress and anxiety! Click through to learn more :)  Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life!