How To Use Self-Talk As an Exercise Motivator

Do Well, Be Well, Live Well, The Weekly Well- Weekly inspiration to live YOUR best life! How To Use Self-Talk As an Exercise MotivatorWelcome to week 18 of The Weekly Well! Here is where you will find weekly inspiration to live your best life. This week I want to talk about how to use self-talk as a motivator for exercise. Why today? Well, I just got out of a workout and boy did it take me a ton of positive self-talk to get moving.

I was feeling a lot of resistance about working out at all. I felt defeated, pissed-off, annoyed, and friggin resentful about how much effort I have to put in just to be well. Honestly, I was frustrated that it wasn't easy. Yes, you read that right, and I bet so many of you have been pissed from time to time that working out isn't easier.

Look, we are all on different journeys. Some of us have chronic pain and are just pushing through to get in that daily walk. Some of us are trying to lose weight and improve overall health. Yes, we are all on different journeys, but they can all be equally as tough.

One thing I know for sure is that having a fit mind is the gateway to everything else and physically working out is a cornerstone to a fit mind. See that circle there?! No matter what journey you are on, physical fitness as part of a fit mind is a crucial part of overall wellbeing!

Where Does Self-Talk Fit In?

Pause for a minute please, mandatory disclaimer here: I am not a fitness coach. However, I do know the benefits of physical fitness. I have seen the results over and over again with my clients.

Back to this morning...I knew I had to work out and would have to use some serious self-talk to motivate myself. I share this with you because self-talk is an essential key to success. My goal is for you to learn how to use self-talk as a powerful tool. Like when the resistance is pounding on your door, and you need it to friggin SHUT UP! There are a few ways we can get the resistance to shut up:

  1. The ole fake it til you make it routine
  2. Pull from something you know to be true and were successful with in the past
  3. In the case of this morning, I literally said, "you go girl, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!"
    1. Truly, this was the repetitive, self-chatter in my mind. Honestly, I was so frustrated that I couldn't get to anywhere more spiritual. I just had to get out of my own head and get moving!

So, I literally started moving. I stretched, got on the treadmill, and started moving. Slowly at first, but let me tell you, friends, as I moved faster, the fog began to lift. I started to feel more clear and centered.

Self-Talk Success

As the fog lifted, other things started to fade away like the monkey mind and the chatter that was hurting me. I actually went blank for a little while. Then I felt even lighter, and the stress was gone. Things that mattered started coming to the surface, priorities for the day became clear, and all the rest dropped to the bottom of the barrel. Overall, my worry and anxiety were gone.

After I got off the treadmill and was stretching, I felt amazing! Partly because of the work out I had, but most importantly, because I was so damn proud of myself. This day more than other days because I had to plow through something that was standing in my way. The block was real. The self-defeating, psycho-terrorism bullshit I was feeling was all too real. Positive self-talk helped me bust right through that block!

I am walking a path that is often similar to yours, and if I have a morning like today, I bet you do too. So, next time it happens to you, know that I get it. I hear you and am with you the whole way.

Wrap It Up

I want to take a minute before I go and say that although I get it and know that getting in that work out can be tough, I will not let you off the hook when it comes to physical fitness! You have to move! All of us ladies have to move. Exercise is a cornerstone to a fit mind, as well as an organic way to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Use your new skills at self-talk and talk yourself into your next work out!

Without Further Ado, Here is the Eighteenth Edition:


Before I leave you until next week, I wish you a wonderful week filled with good movement, exercise, finding your flow, and the right self-talk for you to get your butt moving! I got you!


One last thought, if you are wondering more about what my daily routine is like outside of exercise, then please check out my blog, No-Fail Daily Routine: Start Bookending Your Day. Positive self-talk and a solid daily routine are 2 crucial keys to a fit mind!

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